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WE GOTTA GO _ after 7 years & 10 months, the shutters came down for the last time on Sunday 15 October 2023

THANKS_ to all the supper club & resident chefs Oded Oren, Pip Lacey, Whole Beast, Omni, Klose and Soan, BUTCH SALADS, Okonomiyaki "松風堂/Sho Foo Doh", Elote, James Donnelly, Tonoya Barua Chaudhuri, Rajiv's Kitchen, Pamela’s Pizza, Mariah Safiyah, Viv Duffy, Jack Conrad, Retan, Little Sambol, Charlotte Samuelson, Lunch Baron, Jai Harrower, 100 Acre, Gabagools, Keston's Kitchen & Paddy Coker

BIG THANKS_ to all the staff and regulars, you know who you are