Coffee, Tea and Cake

  • Pastries
  • Toast with jam
  • Toast with avocado
  • Granola, yoghurt, roast fruit
  • Ham and cheese croissant
  • Porridge with Toasted butter bread with roast fruit, seeds and creme fraiche
  • Avocado on toast with tomato, chorizo, lime and coriander
  • Avocado on toast with almond, fennel, lemon and mint
  • Scrambled egg on toast
    • with smoked salmon
    • with streaky bacon
    • with tomato salad
  • Bacon sandwich
    • Sourdough, bacon, balsamic roast cherry tomatoes,parmesan, shavings,avocado and pinenuts
  • Sausage sandwich
    • Sourdough, house sausages*, fresh tomato, onion, thyme,
  • Egg and mushroom sandwich
    • Sourdough, fried egg, creamy madeira mushrooms, spinach